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16th February 2013

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I stumbled across this song - it’s a bonus track on the Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack. It’s bloody hilarious.


Catherine: How long is this gonna take?
David: Here we go!
Catherine: Don’t make me do this.
David: Oh, you’re gonna love it!

David: We’re like a branch and its vine
Catherine: Like a drunk and his wine
David: Like the leaves and the breeze
Catherine: Fatty food and disease
David: And like a sheep and a lamb
Catherine: Like a pig and a ham
David: We go together —

Catherine: Can I go now? …can I just…?

David: Just like Shakespeare and verse
Catherine: Like a corpse and a hearse
David: Like a song and a dance
Catherine: Like the English and France
David: Like a Persian and rugs
Catherine: Like a headache and drugs
Both: We go together, you and I
David: We go together like the news and the weather
We fit like hand in glove
Catherine: For now and forever
David: Just like birds of a feather
We fly so high above
We stick together like the earth and the sun
Catherine: Like a dentist and fun
David: We go like honey and bees
Catherine: Like a mold on a cheese
David: And like a bird and its nest
Catherine: Like a clown and depressed
Both: We go together, you and I

David: Wait for it, wait for it!
[horn solo. At the end David stops and gasps for breath]
Catherine: *What* was THAT?!
David: That was me playing with my old horn!
Catherine: Oh. Shouldn’t you wait ‘til I’ve gone?
David: Ah, feels so good to hold it again!
Catherine: Well, you’ve not had it out in ages!
David: D’you want a go with it?
Catherine: I’m not putting that in my mouth!

Catherine: We go together and we know that whatever
We’re stuck like nails and glue
David: There’s nothing can sever
Such a well-made endeavour as me —
Catherine: — And me
David: — And you
Catherine: I guess it’s true
We’re like a yawn and a dream
David: Like a cherry on cream
Catherine: Like the wind and a kite
David: Now you’ve got it, all right!
Catherine: We’re like a parent and child!
David: Like a — sorry, what?!
Catherine: We go together, you and I
David: You and me
Catherine: We go together, me and you
David: That’s right, we do!
Both: We go together… you and I!

David: Ah! See, I told you you’d enjoy yourself!
Catherine: Yeah! …It’s smaller than I thought, though.
David: …Are you still talking about my horn?
Catherine: Yup.

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